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I have been an agent for a little more than three years now, but very familiar with insurance through several other occupations.  I had worked for a couple of independent agents, but found that It wasn’t very independent.   I found that dollars and numbers out weighed any investment time in earning and taking care of the clients I acquired.  I want to make sure that my clients are taken care of and that their coverages are what they needs for their families, not what the agency needs to fulfill a goal or which company pays the best commissions.  I feel that the client and their needs must come before my commissions and goals.  Making sure that you have the coverages needed at the price that fair is what I strive to offer my clients.  You will find that Ronald Nelson Insurance Agent is different than most.  I don’t wear fancy suits, or try to portray an image that I am not.  I am a regular guy that takes care of his clients.   Not just for my insurance clients but in all my adventures.

What we can Offer?

I offer superb customer experience.  I am not happy until your happy.  My main job as an agent is to make sure that your needs now, and in the future are covered.  Insurance is the last thing that people want to talk about or even want to think about, that’s where I come in.  I examine your needs, provide you with the coverages necessary to protect your assets and family.  I like to do an annual review of your policies because life changes, and so do rates.  Sometimes by being with a company for a while you can get bigger discounts.  The Annual review is key to making sure that your insurance keeps up with your life. Sometimes, I am not going to the be the cheapest, but I make all my clients a promise.   That promise: “  I care more about you than my commission”. Insurance is a very competitive business.  If your looking for the cheapest thing,  I am probably not the agent for you.  I want to make sure that is something catastrophic happens that your covered and don’t have to worry, just get better, or make sure your family is taken care off.

About Ronald Nelson

Insurance Agent

I first got into the insurance business when I was an office manager and needed to shop for insurance.  Several years later I was approached by a friend to start an agency.  Unfortunately, that arrangement did not work, but I remained an agent and kept learning more and more about insurance.
Ronald Nelson         Insurance Agent
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